Our Policies

A Fine Free Library

Since October 2022, the Uxbridge Free Public Library has been a "fine free" library. The Library does not charge daily fines. After 28 days, any overdue item will be determined to be lost, and the borrower will owe the cost of the item until the item is returned or the amount is paid. Patron borrowing privileges are blocked when an item is lost and/or fines accrue to $20.00.

While the Uxbridge Free Public Library does not charge daily fines, items checked out from other libraries through interlibrary loan may be subject to overdue fines.

Replacing Lost or Damaged Items

Option 1: Pay the replacement cost of the item.
The library cannot give refunds for lost items that have already been paid for. You may keep the item or donate it back to the library. 

Option 2: Provide a NEW replacement copy.
We do not accept used items as replacements. This option is available for materials owned by the Uxbridge Free Public Library ONLY.

If you have lost or damaged another library's item, you must pay the replacement cost to the owning library or contact them to see if they will accept a replacement copy.

Loan Periods

Library Item Loan Period Number of Renewals
Books, Audiobooks, CDs 21 days 1
Speed Read Books 7 days 0
TV Series
7 days
21 days
Magazines 7 days 2
Board Games 7 days 1
Video Games 7 days 1
Hotspots 14 days 0