OverDrive/Libby - LEA

LEA stands for Library ebooks and audiobooks.

Massachusetts Library Networks are collaborating to bring you LEA, a new and innovative way to gain access to more eBooks and audiobooks. Powered by OverDrive, LEA makes it possible for you to search for eContent in all Networks regardless of your home library.

With LEA, you can access eBooks, audiobooks, and more from libraries across the Commonwealth using your phone, tablet, or eReader. There are 345 partnering libraries with an estimated collection of over 350,000 eBooks and audiobooks!

If you don't see the title you're looking for in the CW MARS OverDrive Catalog, use your library card to sign in to another Library Network and find it there. Information on borrowing material from participating libraries is discussed below.

Please note: holds that you place at partner libraries will be filled after holds placed by patrons who are part of that library network.

Participating Library Networks

These Partner Libraries are participating in LEA:

Borrow Materials from LEA Partner Libraries on CW MARS OverDrive Website

  1. Click the desired library network listed above. Or from cwmars.overdrive.com, click Partner libraries at the top of the screen.

  2. Click Sign In on the partner library's Overdrive page.

  3. Select CW MARS Patrons from the library dropdown.

  4. Enter your CW MARS library card number (without any spaces or dashes).

  5. Enter your CW MARS My Account password.

  6. Click Sign In.

  7. Browse and peruse the partner catalog as you would our digital catalog. Borrow materials and place holds.

Borrow Materials from LEA Partner Libraries on Libby App

Adding Partner Libraries to the Libby App

Ensure you are signed into the Libby app with your CW MARS library card. 

  1. Click the Hamburger icon at the bottom center of the screen. Select Add Library under Your Libraries.

  2. Search for a participating network (Boston Public Library, CLAMS, Minuteman, NOBLE, OCLN, or SAILS) and click the network's entry.

  3. You will be taken to that network's OverDrive catalog. You should see a section to add a library card for the network. If you don't, scroll down until it appears. Click Sign In With My Card.

  4. On the next screen, find CW MARS Patrons under Partner Libraries. Note: You may have to click to see more.

  5. Enter your CW MARS library card number, (without any spaces or dashes). Click Next. Enter your CW MARS My Account password and click Sign In. Then click Next to browse their catalog.

You can continue to add partner libraries using this same method.

Browsing and Managing Material from Partner Libraries in Libby

To browse a partner library's catalog, click the Hamburger icon at the bottom center of the screen. Choose the desired catalog to browse under Your Libraries.

You can also search a library's catalog by clicking the spyglass icon in the bottom left. Click on the library card icon near the top of the screen to choose the catalog in which to search.

Availability for a specific title across all added networks can be seen by clicking the library card icon next to the title from your search results or by clicking the library card icon next to Borrow on a title's record. From the pop-up, click a library's entry to borrow or place a hold on the title in the selected catalog.

Material borrowed from CW MARS and all other partner libraries you have added to the app will display on a unified shelf.

If you click on Manage Loan next to an item on your shelf, you'll see more information about the loan and owning network.

The above instructions were compiled from the CW MARS FAQ page.